Sunday, March 28, 2010

disaster :(

school had a crisis where last firday,no water are available.
ya allah,can you imagine life without water?
how do you want to take a bath or doing smthing know what i mean.
maybe this is my first time having this my friends said,'last year,this accident last long for 1 weeks'
my response like,'WTH?'
ouh,ok fine.accept it whatever it is.
currently,i'm packing my bag to go back to school.
HEAVEN ! should we say that? sometimes yes but sometimes not.
haishh,every complaints,every problems,every hardship,just go through them with a strong heart,strong will,high dreams !

just wanna you to know,my exam starts on MEI which 1 month to go.time go so fast.
should i prepare enough to beat those brillant,intelligent and smart students  in SELANDAR.
ouhh,my ! i hope so.may ALLAH give me strength to study well and have a safe life.amin -_-
oklah,just a short post in a short time.dunn wanna waste so much time for the time being.
see you later.blogging rulezz !! XD


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Live your life

You may know someone who is studying for final exams these days. Final exams are always a nice time to focus on the true exam of life.

1. In school, you can often redo your exam if you fail. In the hereafter, if one fails there is no going back.

2. In school, you often do not know what questions will be asked. In the hereafter, there are only 3 questions: Who is your Lord? What is your Deen? And who is this man who was sent to you? But the answers are answers you live by.

3. In school, we stay up at night to cram for the exam the next day. So too in Allah's exam, we should be staying up in night prayers.

4. In school, we work and pray and hope for an outstanding mark. So too should be our attitude towards Allah's exam.

5. In school, when we get a great mark, we erupt with happiness. So too will the believers erupt in happiness when they get their books in their right hands. Work for it.

6. In school, when we get a bad mark, sadness can be seen on our faces, and we dislike to face others. So too in the hereafter. Protect yourself from that.

7. During a school exam, you cannot ask anyone for help. In the hereafter, you can prepare from now to get assistance from Allah's Messenger, the Quran, and other ways of intercession.

8. In school, when exam time draws near, we banish distractions to focus on what is really important. In Allah's exam, isn't death within 1 heart beat? Banish distractions and focus.

9. In school, until exam results come out, we worry about the result. In Allah's exam, we don't know what our result will be, so we spend our days in hope and worry until the results come out.

What do you think? Do you have other reflections on exams?


beeepbeeep.ask me !

heyy,let's check it out !
cool !

*yayaya,short post again. sorry =_='

Saturday, March 20, 2010

barbeque at small FARM

salam,heyhey people :)
it was an experience i could first,my neighbousr ask me to join their activity at the farm.
hrmm,rather than doing nothing at home.ok,let go baby ! haha.ok.we moved around 2p.m.
then,as we arrived there.i had been given a task to pull the weeds.not the small one,but the BIG  n there's a lot of them ! *bapak ahh
ok,collect n build a mountain of weeds . weee ! best !
after a whole day farming ,we call it a day. around 7,after doing our maghrib,we plan to make camp fire
a big one !!
yeahh,barbeque timee.luckily,uncle Fendi brought a few of raw corns.then,*bakar-bakar timee :D
plus,Syimir brought a packet of AYAMAS's chicken.while listening to the Neyo,Justin bieber's song,we fried,we eat,we full n we happyy :)


i remembered.when I got this golden way i could denied it.
yes,see the stars at night. the soothing ambience.stars.
represent anything.friends like stars.chicks like stars.
but there was ONE stars i couldn't forget.
it losts in the midst of losts when i need it.
unbeknownst to me,there's coming a NEW star.
it's beautiful.more concern.more glittering.
yeah,it's a FRIEND.
true friends.maybe I seldom to see that STAR.
it will stay close right next to me.

everywhere.anytime.though,it never realize it.
thanks STAR :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


         We telemarketers know we're universally loathed.Still,some people are quite pleasant on the phone.
         One day I called a number and asked to speak with Mr Morgan.The woman who answered explained that he no longer lived at that address,but she did have a number where he could be reached.
          I thanked her,rang that number and was greeted with,
"Good morning,Highland View Cemetery"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010



*as your 2nd son,i try to make you proud.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


sorry for everything
i let you down
yea,its burden you.
'thx for every single thing'
the best phrase ever :/

Saturday, March 13, 2010


hey hey.
oh my.
just now,with my mom,we're hunting for tuition center around alor gajh.
dush !  can't find it. oh my hols gonna be without tuition nii.
i can imagine i'll sit on front of the computer 24/7 ,no work to do,plaiyng games.noo !
ok.need better action.somebody please recommend me.ermm.

2nd plan.
if i don't find one.there's no other way
by hook or by crook,i must study that PRINSIP PERAKAUNAN.
erm.i have 2 choices here.
better take that boy.much besties tu.
hee :D

NOTES: why people always attract to a smart guy
             smart but use.
             haish.sorry. :S

love like this !

Friday, March 12, 2010


i wanna share smthing
it's about sports day.
yeah,about the march,PROTON's team is the winner !!
hooyeahh! after a long,exhausted day,through day n night.
form 4 had successfully bring proton to the first place.
yeah,thanks to all tht support,help,teach us to be the bestt.
our theme is,the marcher must wear smthing like dutch's outware.
form 1 and 2 be the victim.the boys had to wear women's clothes
while the girls wear man's shirt.the unique is the boys are more cute n looks funny.they prefer to be nasty look,black face rite.but,now,they different ~
with red fabric,the outware were outstanding! hee,for 2 years in a row,we keep the victory ! :D

this is the KR(ketua rumah) n sis fiqa.
look the guys n girls at the back.
cool rite ? hee :)


Sunday, March 7, 2010

coping well there :)

salam.'s a decade I didn't write something here..
argh!!!!! really miss MY blog! my BABY!!
duhh,stop it.haishh.

nowadays,i'm so busy with all those stuff at school.
with the sports day coming soon,wahhh!! tension.
i will be the conductor of the parade,erk? adjust that sentence please? huh =.=
yes,conductor. like---> bariss!!!!!! barisssssssss, sedia !!!!!
don't know how it will go.insyaALLAh.stronger please ! :)
plus,1500 M race .(bapak ahhh) hope there will be ambulance there.~

preparing for the next exam on this APRIL.yeah,not so much time to study those 10 subjects.
d most important thing is i'm looking forward on my robotic.know what?
we,the robotic team have to raise funds to support the robot kit.the school did not have sufficient money to support the club.haiyooo.poor schoool~

having this little time to write.just wanna thanks ALLAH for giving me strength to continue this hectic life.
n my friends! LOVE you laa :)

p/s:when i heard the KEKASIH ALLAH from hijjaz kot,wahh,all the memories came back.remember my     OLD friends ;(
plus,SHE loves it :)