Sunday, June 3, 2012

Minggu Haluan Siswa to PASUM life


Alhamdulillah Ya Allah,finally my one week of orientation at PASUM is over ! Wuhoo.
It's called Minggu Haluan Siswa (MHS). All 60 PPs were incharged to guide us during the whole week.
Okay,we,the PASUM-ers 2012/2013 are the most numbers of students in history ! 1500 students okay.

All I can say,it was the hectic week I ever had ! With all the activities,the pressure PPs put on us,Oh myyyy xD
Haha,I know there were hide 1001 secrets behind of all these actions.

To all PPs, I would like to wish a billion thanks for the efforts,hardwork and your kindness to handle this big big event ! Especially to PP Hariz which known as the Head Of Biro Disiplin :P
Respect lu bro xD

Xi Shua Shua xD

Okay okay,the new life oh PASUM is going to start this MONDAY !
I will try my best for this 1st semester by doing the right things.
Dont do stupid things for sure. Need EXTRA attention in class.
Lectures and all stuff.

Doakan saya :D

p/s: Congrats kepada kawan-kawan yang dapat MARA ke overseas. Best of luck !