Sunday, April 11, 2010

unforgettable love ?

talking about love
fake love
one should try
to get exposed with that
what do you think?

love can be playing round by someone
don't you ever think it will make someone hurts.
dont judge a book by its cover.
try to understand that.

with now,i'm getting more older.
and life must be changed.
no such word as love can cheer me up.
it's normal.
but,different people have different thought right?

i'm writing here
to told you
he or she can be loved
but no so long
believe me
once,i had through it.

*sounds funny when i'm getting into love mode :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

for the 1st time of my whole LIFE (!!)

for the first time of my whole life?
yes,it was a debate competition which i represented my 4 EDISON.
just wanna share smthing with,i slowly realize i have the talented as a debater.(blushing)
haha.dun wanna praise my self la,before this i never realize that i can speak eng fluently,not too good.but still ok.:))

hrmm,plus,i got the Best Speaker TWICE.i repeat TWICE.haha.bapak riak.*jkjkjkjk
totally excited for the time being.i'm loking forward for the FINAL .hehe.
for your information,i'm the 2nd speaker.quite tough actually.
FAHMI,NAJMI,HAZWAN and our best MENTOR,AKMAL.let's shake the world !!