Saturday, July 24, 2010



one of them will be yours
can't imagine how it could be.
so,just find the STAR
because th STAR is yours.

MAN,i know what are you thinking right now !


salam.home again for this week.i'm dying tired at many things to settle down.from the scout's marching to the ! i'm really having a night mare there.oh my Might Allah , give me concrete strength .
let get analyse to this table ;

(next week)
Monday: it will be my 1st day on working out my robot prject.suppose to finish them before friday ! man,i'm dying in robot' legos -__-'

Tuesday:maybe involve in marching's trainging evryday'll be finished at 12.30.EVERYDAY ! damn nice babe ! no time for books ! oh,is this will be the reason for not achieving great results on the upcoming exam.ergh ! please :'(

Wednesday: Helping Mujahid and others to making a short movie for the Cocuriculum day.The video will be enetertained on the last night of the camping.of course,i will be one of the actor.haha.Poyi,Sopi,Mujahid, and Zul are the mastermind on making these video :)

Thursday:hmmm.maybe i will try some space to do revision.haha*bajet.
               hopefully,there's no activity on this day.

Friday: Start the work !

One hectic-week full of activities---> HARAP BERBALOI2 :) haha

p/s: having trouble with APEK. haha .emo siot !]

chill laa !

Sunday, July 11, 2010

coming up next ?


just 2 more weeks to go.and then it will be finee.
after this,robot competition and 'penyampai ikon'.
and then EXAM ! 
just wanna be ready for that.
i made a good desicion :)

pecah perut

they FUNNY ;')

Saturday, July 10, 2010

just love it.

"But not every heart belongs to any other

You and I

You and I are meant to be

I'm the one for you, You're the one for me

You love me as much as I do"

2010 world cup champion




we always feel that we want everything

after we own something,we'll never satisfy

for the first time,we get this oppurtunity.but suddenly hearts said;

ouh man,i miss the old one.i want that back. how?

we keep asking and asking why must be like that.hearts never satisfied on everything
we want everything that makes us happy,right?

so just be thankful on what you have RIGHT now because man will never got whatever he wants.
understand?i just confused for sometimes.

i start to know how one's feel.
yaa,we'll never SATISFIED .

i said TRUST me.

Friday, July 9, 2010

yess :)

finally,i'm at home noww :)
heaven for suree.release stress for a while..
now,i'm quite busy with many activities in school.
esp related to sports house.--->go PROTON !
hmm,i feel more responsible now,hold many things.
i swear,i'm so tired.sorry.
want to takea  nap .salam :)

*rindu terubat sudahhh <3 dun worryy :)