Sunday, June 20, 2010

sleep tight my lovely BLOG ;(

yeah,so it's time for me to return my second home.
yaa,quite hard to leave my 2 weeks routines.
>wake up late,on9 24/7,eat till my stomach BUNCIT and everything that i'm freely to do .

there'll be a new strict life in school.
will miss so much things and you ;)

gambatenee,study hard peoplee ! together we achieve success! ^.^

p/s: you,take care yaa ;)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

PAUSE the blog official's music for a moment :D

let's try it .

Oh,I'm just LOVE this song :))
No doubt yaa !

Monday, June 14, 2010

Islamic .

something had go wrong.
for the 1st time
i finish reading a NOVEL ouh.
islamic novel sorry.
i'd take 2 days to finish it off.
proud to say that :D

wah,the story make me feel heartless ouh.
the true LOVE in ISLAM
is much way better than usual love.

the EGO of mine had been crashed.
just by reading this novel.

yea,CHANCE is still keep going on !
do use it wisely :)

*I'm going crazy of this rainbow stuff

accepted :)

just came home from cik jah's house.
joined my mom's cousin wedding.
3 days at KL.
usual like before.
nothing special.
there's come

NEW spirit
NEW life.
IT does come back !

i thank for that :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

one day full of happy friends :)

                                    alhamdulillah :)

yeayy,finally i got the chances to meet my old friends.THEY are..


we watched SHREK 3D which was so awesome,FUNNY,HILARIOUS.
i swear i did drop some laugh she, indian classmate before.
she is the one who laughd crazily.she was out of mind.
but it was fun :D






Tuesday, June 8, 2010

prevent this,that and those +.+

salam.heyy heyy :))

I've been thinking for most of the time,why must be falling in love in this age.16
I meant yaa,why should we.most of them said 'chill bro,let's enjoy for the time being or you will not through this moment at the old age.

hrmm,quite brilliant respond.can you imagine,why teenagers spend a lots of ringgits for topups.yeaa,i know it neccessary to keep communicate but THOSE people who are not thinking to use on the name of LOVE.

Ican say that if we are in love at the age TEENS,so called CINTA MONYET right? yaa,maybe others will respond, "naa,please be open minded broo.we must be updated"

"aku sayang kau,kau sayang aku ? "  I know everyone had get used to it.yaa,maybe some of you not.
but,please think sayang for friendship is ok,but sayang for this couple matter.ouh,man.
don't make me  sing sayang..sayang by aliff aziz ok.that would make it worse~

ok,my advice is please forget about your fake can have many friends that can cheer you up.many friends that can help you.
don't depend on just one or two person me.when the time is come,you will find one who suits you the best.
but,for the time being as a student,focus on your study :)) that's all for me.

there are many friends but choose wisely :D

Sunday, June 6, 2010

relief :)

dunno why.
GOD had give me shine just now.
FRIENDS.yea,now,i'm little bit relax.
yaa,they are everything.
hrmm.but ow,i must stay focus.
lately,i just on9-ing days n night.
my mom keep babbling to me.

ok,starts tomorrow.
i wil do my homeworks n keep at my room

Friday, June 4, 2010


fuhh.finally,thank ALLAH i'm here.
a lot of things to do this weekend.
i'm calculating my days to suit my time table well.
hmm,wanna full my hols with class tuition,study with friends and relax :)

but now,i wanna story2 skit.this is all about my mid-year exam.

totally disappointed :(
i think this is the worst exam i sit before.
all my firends got A but me?
don't ask why.i dunno what to do now.
keep practising n you will be master them.
i need my friends next t me. :(

do keep in touch with me .
is this post trying to attract someone.
it just my sincere expression.
hiashh.istighfar -___-

I will use my precious 2 weeks holidays wisely :)
don't you ever regret whatever you done!